Writing words

The ability to write is a fundamental skill in modern societies participating in personal and professional development. This explains probably why issues around learning of writing are at the heart of debate in many countries. Research in psycholinguistics written production can help inform these debates by providing scientific answers to these questions.

Research on written production are indeed booming, and the increasing number of publications in this area illustrates the scientific dynamism of this work. The idea of the Writing Word (s) Workshop germinated at the symposium Studies on handwritten word generation: Which models and methodologies? organized by Eric Lambert and Solen Sausset at the International Symposium Writing Research Across Borders (Paris, 2014). During the symposium, researchers from several countries presented their work and were able to discuss the latest scientific advances on writing. To extend these rich exchanges, has emerged the idea of organizing a regular workshop on the written word production.

The Written Production Team of the Centre for Research on Cognition and Learning (CNRS & University of Poitiers) is pleased to welcome you to this first Writing Word(s) Workshop.


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